Monday, May 20, 2013

City of Thieves by Audrey Cuff Ed.D.


When Ashley Brown was five years old, her parents left her in the care of her grandma, though her mother promised to return for her. At fourteen, Ashley is still living with her grandmother in Highland, a city on the outskirts of Maryville, a place known as the "ghetto."

Ashley has shadowy memories of her mother taking her to her favorite place, the library. Reading a good book allows Ashley to escape her poverty and crime infested community. One afternoon after listening to the Mayor's press conference, Ashley discovers that the Mayor is taking away the community library. In spite of being put on punishment for a week by her grandma for defending herself from the school bullies, Ashley feels it is worth the risk to sneak out of her apartment to mail a letter she has written to the Mayor about keeping the library open.

Every day homeless people approach her and beg for something to eat or for money. The most frequent requests come from two disheveled individuals Ashley has nicknamed "Orphan Annie" and the "business-man bum." As if escaping the homeless people isn't enough, there are a bunch of bullies who harass Ashley. One day, the bullies chase her into an alley. They force her to the ground and Ashley is afraid of what could have happened next. This is one time Ashley wished she listen to her grandma.

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About Dr. Audrey Cuff:

Audrey Cuff was inspired by her special education students to write her debut novel "City of Thieves." She wanted her students to reach their goals and aspiration regardless of their obstacle or shortcoming in life. Also, she wanted her students to understand how important it is to fight to better their community.
Dr. Cuff received her doctoral degree at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. She also earned the following certifications in the education arena:
Teacher of Psychology
Teacher of Special Education
Supervisor of Education
She is currently a psychology special education teacher at a high school in South Jersey.
City of Thieves is part of a three book series.

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